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Want to donate but not sure where? Check out the Triangle nonprofits in our database.


The Triangle Gives

Read about more area charities and how you can donate


Nonprofit database for Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham counties

Dozens of charities have been working in North Carolina since Hurricane Florence to try to fill the gaps around what private insurance and government aid can do for flood victims.

Corporate giving through checks and employee donations of time and goods is an important part of charity initiatives in the Triangle.

Families Together helps families find affordable apartments and provides lessons in landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities, life skills, budgeting and self-care.

Made4Me, a Wake Forest nonprofit, builds chairs, tables, easels, step stools, and other adaptive design pieces for children with special needs.

The Orange County Rural Alliance, or OCRA, grew out of a program offered by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department called Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT). Volunteers deliver meals and check in on elderly residents.

Wildlife Welfare specializes in helping small mammals, such as chipmunks, flying squirrels, possums and rabbits. Everyone who works there is a volunteer so every dollar raised is spent on medical care, food, formulas, supplies and training.

Since the 1980s, the People’s Alliance Fund has provided micro grants to support organizations working to make an impact in their community.

Operation North State sends packages of NC cheer to members of the military at Christmas and helps wounded military and disabled veterans find adventures at home.

The Community Music School was founded in Raleigh by volunteers who believed all children should have access to music lessons. About 130 students each year are given affordable music lessons and use of an instrument by the school.

The Lung Cancer Initiative is spreading the word that even nonsmokers get lung cancer, and they’re funding research into the disease as well as helping patients get access to treatment.

El Pueblo advocates for Latinx rights as it teaches advocacy and promotes voting, and the cultural range of its community.

Shift NC educates adults — and other teens — who work with youth in North Carolina to teach them about their sexual health.

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