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April the giraffe might be pregnant again, 6 months after millions watched her last birth

November 10, 2017 10:15 AM

America’s most famous giraffe is back in the spotlight, and she could be pregnant again.

Six months after 1.2 million viewers watched April give birth to baby son Tajiri on April 15, a zoo owner dropped Kardashian-like hints that she could be pregnant again.

“I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy,” Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch said on “Good Morning America” Thursday.

In October, New York zoo Animal Adventure Park said on Facebook that April had been “cleared for pregnancy” and “love is in the air.” Looks like April has been getting busy with Oliver, Tajiri’s father.

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April is the proud mom of four calves, including 6-month-old Tajiri, who is not such a baby anymore. Animal Adventure Park recently said on Facebook that Tajiri is now 10 feet tall and “is a strong echo of mom, April's, personality.”

April was pregnant for 16 months with Tajiri, so if she is pregnant, we have some time to prepare.

“Are we ready for another giraffe cam, world? You tell me,” Patch said on GMA.

— NopeNotFlorida (@NopeNotFlorida) November 10, 2017

I got this. I watched last time. I'll let y'all know when she is officially in labor. I now know the actual signs of labor, and promise not to send everyone "SHE'S HAVING IT!!.....oh oops ...just poop" texts. #mybad

— Jennifer Zatechka (@jenzat71) November 10, 2017

While many of April’s fans were thrilled by the news, some people accused April of being an attention-getter.

“I ain't got time for April and her shenanigans this year!” someone commented on Facebook.

“Celebrities will do anything for attention...Next thing you know she'll have her own E! reality show,” a person commented on Facebook.

Watch April and her adventures on Animal Adventure Park’s YouTube page.

After months of live streaming by the Animal Adventure Park of a pregnant giraffe named April, she finally gave birth. This is the fourth calf for the 15-year-old April, but the first for the Animal Adventure Park located in Harpursville, New York