Christian Laettner as Santa? Only if you want to make little Kentucky fans cry.

FanDuel taps Duke basketball legend Christian Laettner to play their Santa – things go about as you would expect.
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FanDuel taps Duke basketball legend Christian Laettner to play their Santa – things go about as you would expect.

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Watch Duke basketball legend Christian Laettner make a Kentucky fan cry for her mommy

By Colin Warren-Hicks And Joe Johnson

December 19, 2017 12:55 PM


It looks like Christian Laettner has taken up acting.

In fantasy sports site FanDuel’s latest promotional video the former Duke basketball great plays ... Santa Claus.

“Having Christian Laettner around for the holidays has been amazing,” says a man identified in the video as FanDuel’s Chief of Staff.

There’s a long pause.

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“He’s such a team player,” John Smith says.

Cut to a seated Laettner wearing a full Saint Nick getup in front of a line of children.

A little boy wearing a Duke shirt climbs up on Laettner’s lap.

“I want a dog and a bicycle,” the little Blue Devil fan says.

Laettner asks, “And have you been a good boy?”

“Yes, Santa,” Laettner is told.

“Well, you got it buddy. Marry Christmas,” Laettner says deadpan, before delivering a rather dry, “Ho Ho Ho.”

Next up to see Santa is an adorable, little girl wearing a University of Kentucky shirt, “Hi, Santa!”

Not noticing her garb, Laettner looks pleased to see the child as he lifts her up onto his lap.

Then, he sees it – the Kentucky shirt.

“What do you want? Kid,” he asks her.

The sweet child replies, “An iPad and a computer.”

“I don’t think it’s going to happen to this year,” the Laettner Santa says.

He adds, “And by the way … Santa isn’t real,” and pulls down his fake beard revealing the trickery.

“Mooommmmyy!” she screams and runs from the man many consider the most hated college basketball player of all time.

Laettner has been an especially disliked figure among Kentucky basketball fans since 1992. He hit “The Shot” as time expired in overtime to beat the Wildcats 104-103 in the NCAA Tournament. It was a perfect ending for Laettner, who made all 10 of his field goal attempts and all 10 of his free throws in the game to finish with 31 points. Duke then went on to win its second straight NCAA title and gave Kentucky fans another reason to make Laettner their most-hated foil.

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